Our mission

Our mission, for you

FIIT Consulting is a business with a purpose – to make every client implementation a success story.

Truly, we see your success as our success and take great pride in our work.

FIIT aims to be at the cutting edge of relevant finance technology, implementation and transformation tools. We do not aim to spread our services to finance IT areas where others can deliver standard outcomes; rather, we are the team who will deliver to your project revolutionary and future-proof solutions to raise your business to the next level.

Our vision is to be the obvious first team member of every new project for every finance IT program manager.

Our values

FIIT Consulting is proud of its origins and its unique approach to developing consultants. We employee professionals with demonstrated abilities who take pride in their work; we then take the time to onboard, train and prepare these consultants to hit the ground running in your projects. 

Our employees demonstrate our values daily and we are successful because of them. Consultants who have business acumen alongside their customer-facing technical abilities show a strong sense of ownership and accountability. 

We believe in the following values which drive our every interaction as a team and as members of your teams:

  • Dedication – each FIIT employee shows dedication to the things that matter to them in life, be it their work or in their personal life. If you aren’t committed to what you are doing, then it would be surely time for a change! In this one life we believe in dedicating ourselves to what matters to us.
  • Endeavour – always striving for better. We do not want to rest on our laurels and remain at the status quo; everything can be improved upon, refined and made more beautiful.
  • Reliability – we are impatient people who wish for reliability in our everyday tools & devices, so this is one of our key values in the work we perform also. We pride ourselves on being your trusted, effective partner.
  • Continuous Learning – we believe that the world of tomorrow is different to that of today thus we encourage all our employee’s to be knowledge-holders and sharers in this fast-paced environment.
  • Frank openness – we believe that clear and honest discussion will always lead to a better outcome, and we welcome input and dialogue from all levels, functions and perspectives.

FIIT specialists will deliver to your project revolutionary and future-proof solutions