4 reasons for hiring Aptitude Software developers from Poland

4 reasons for hiring Aptitude Software developers from Poland

As we’re entering 4Q2021 soon, we’re experiencing more business activities in the market. Customers and potential customers seem to have decided how stable the recovery is and what to plan for future growth in the new reality of post-COVID times. 

A growing number of inquiries, customer calls and opportunities appearing in the market allow us to present the value of FIIT Consulting more frequently. We are based in the beautiful and future-oriented city of Wroclaw but we develop our business abroad. Thus, we’re exposed to conversations with people from different backgrounds and economies who aren’t necessarily aware of why Poland might be one of the best locations to support their business. In fact, many of them are simply anxious when they realize how little justification they have for the decision to partner with a company from Poland. 

Luckily, this is less and less concerning since the position of Poland is steadily growing on the global software development and services power map. Lately, we have even experienced relocations from Silicon Valley to Poland (see it here: https://medium.com/@QuantumDom/why-i-moved-to-warsaw-poland-from-palo-alto-california-e90c92bbff33 ).  

But for people still wondering what are the business facts supporting their decision of hiring professional, high quality and experienced Aptitude Software developers and consultants, we’re highlighting a couple of facts that will definitely open some new possibilities to nurture cooperation with FIIT Consulting. 

Security of your data/intellectual properties

One of the must-haves for working with a company like ours is the data protection aspect. When performing a project we are dealing with a large amount of sensitive info and our customers need to be 100% confident not only in FIIT Consulting’s ability to secure any kind of operations but also in the environment we are operating in. 

Moreover, with many engagements we’re developing custom–made applications or solutions that are of significant value to our customers. And not to be shared in any aspect publicly. 

Poland is recognised as a stable and predictable partner for any kind of business venture. Since May 25th 2018, the principal regulation of data in Poland has been General Data Protection Regulation. Apart from that, there are numerous sector-specific regulations i.e. National Cybersecurity System Act of Jul 5th 2018 which provide an even deeper interpretation of legal activities and securing data protection interests of both Polish and foreign companies.  

Also, intellectual properties security is high. According to U.S. Chamber 2021 International IP Index Report, Poland’s overall score is 70,5%; ahead of countries like India, Taiwan, or Brazil.  More interesting, the score in “Trade Secrets, Related Rights and Limitations” is 75,00/100 surpassing the United Kingdom or Australia. (see full report here: https://www.theglobalipcenter.com/report/ipindex2021/ ) 

To close with some market examples that prove the stable and secured business environment, some large insurance brands established dedicated operations centres in Poland e.g. Zurich Insurance or Credit Suisse. 

Quality of work

Globally recognized quality of Polish software development skills has steadily climbed up towards current top positions in the world. At the moment, the Polish developers’ skills have been proved by recognized places in numerous contents e.g. Google Code Jam, ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, Microsoft Imagine Cup. Also, various rankings give Poland top places. Check if the current position is still at the top, just google “top programmers by country” – the results will definitely be satisfactory.  

Language skills

With growing customer demands, effective communication is not a Project Manager’s domain anymore. The flawless exchange of ideas, corrections and feedback is a necessity in today’s developer’s work.  

Poland once opened to the West, remained a fast – learner including language skills, especially English. According to the EF English Proficiency Index based on test results of 2,2M adults in 100 countries worldwide, Poland’s ranked #16 of those 100 countries, surpassing Switzerland, France, Italy or India (source: https://www.ef.com/wwen/epi/regions/europe/poland) 


Price competitiveness

Take a look at the chart below presenting annual average salaries by HackerRank Developer Skills Report 2020. U.S. leading with 109,167 USD. Top EU countries – the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany – reporting annual salaries between ca. 68,000 – 64,000 USD.

Where is Poland in this chart? Positioned at 16th place at ca. 40,000 USD!

We need to consider that these are average salaries and they might differ depending on position, expertise and company. However, this indicates how undervalued is hiring a developer from Poland vs. other EU or American colleagues.

How can I get started sourcing Polish developers to my Aptitude Software project?

Aptitude Software implementation or support projects are too complex and business-critical to make sudden changes at once. However, exploring your options and seeking room for improving your delivery time and quality of work performed is always valid. 

So here are some resources to help you learn more about how we can deliver more value to your project: 

  1. Learn more about different implementation models: https://fiit-consulting.com/aptitude-software-implementation-models-evaluating-my-options-for-next-implementation-project/ 
  2. Read about greenfield project we’ve performed for a large insurer: https://fiit-consulting.com/case-study/ 
  3. Get to know us and request our work sample: https://fiit-consulting.com/free-consultation/  

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