Aptitude Software consultants on demand

Thanks to our unique training and development program you can onboard to your project highly skilled and tested professionals, who will support your project with thorough Aptitude Software knowledge.

What makes our consultants different?

Guaranteed engagement until last project stage

We exclusively employ, train and prepare our consultants to give a stable and guaranteed engagement, unlike freelancers or recruitment agencies.

Combining both technical and functional expertise

Our people combine superb Aptitude Software skills with engineering background and business acumen. This allows them to apply laser focus to your challenges and make more with less.

Access to our knowledge base

You benefit from our collective, shared know-how: almost 60 years of combined experience from 8 projects are supporting your project.

Learn more about Aptitude Software consultants and how to integrate them in your team

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What positions in the project can you fill in?

Aptitude Technical Lead, Aptitude Software engineer, Aptitude Software consultant, Aptitude Software Senior consultant, Aptitude Software Developer

What is the typical profile of your Aptitude Software consultant?

Our consultants have engineering background, combined with Aptitude Software knowledge and project management expertise

How many years of experience do your consultants have?

Minimum 2 years if experience, but majority of our people have 4+ years of experience in Aptitude Software projects

What other technologies do you use in your work?

Database: Oracle, MS SQL, Teradata, DB2
BI: Cognos, MS BI, BO
ETL: Informatica, Data Stage, Aptitude, SSIS
Prog: Java, PL/SQL, T-SQL

Can you work onshore/offshore model?

Yes, it’s no problem.

What if we'd like to onboard a team instead of single consultants?

That’s totally ok – then we’d prepare a designated team for your project, based on your requirements

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