30 czerwiec 2021

How ETL can help your controlling teams become a more strategic partner for the organization

ETL is a data transforming concept that comes from words: extract, transform, load. In general, it’s a “procedure of copying data from one or more sources into a destination system which represents the data differently from the source(s) or in a different context than the source(s)”. Since its introduction in the 1970’s, ETL is still a powerful tool to consolidate your data to understand them better and make more informed decisions.

30 kwiecień 2021

What makes a good Aptitude Software consultant?

The growing wave of financial transformation together with increasing regulatory demands are forcing financial institutions to increase their projects’ efforts. Usually, it goes along with a need to recruit highly-skilled employees – if that’s already not a permanent goal these days.  In the world of Aptitude Software implementation, it is no different. Having an excellent Aptitude consultant on board is a must-have when you’re planning to start or grow your Aptitude Software implementation project. 

07 kwiecień 2021

Aptitude Software implementation models – evaluating my options for next implementation project

As a global financial software specialist, Aptitude Software equips CFOs and Finance IT of the world’s largest organisations with competitive advantages by streamlining and automating financial accounting processes and enabling faster actionable insights.   Their software is amongst the top names in the industry, and has become even more widely recognized, thanks to its IFRS17 quick, out of the box implementation. Apart from that, Aptitude is offering a range of products to control and automate complex accounting processes. This enables customers to free up time from traditional accounting roles and inject rich data & insights into their businesses.