What makes a good Aptitude Software consultant?

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What makes a good Aptitude Software consultant?

The growing wave of financial transformation together with increasing regulatory demands are forcing financial institutions to increase their projects’ efforts. Usually, it goes along with a need to recruit highly-skilled employees – if that’s already not a permanent goal these days.  

In the world of Aptitude Software implementation, it is no different. Having an excellent Aptitude consultant on board is a musthave when you’re planning to start or grow your Aptitude Software implementation project. 

Having worked on dozens of projects, utilizing thousands of hours in vast, enterprise environments, FIIT Consulting can share some insights on what relevant qualities make a person your next Aptitude superstar! 

1. Having a logical mindset

Many of the problems being solved by our people are deeply rooted in a causeeffect pattern. It does sound simple but getting all the way there can sometimes be overly complicated. People with engineering background, for whom a logical mindset lays at the foundation of their skillset, tend to find out that this quality makes them extremely effective while working with Aptitude Software products.  

2. Combining both functional and technical aspects of the projects 

Frequently, we are working in crossfunctional teams where proper communications and business understanding are as important as the technical abilities to execute. It comes as no surprise that some of our customers, prior to the engagement, are asking us about our people’s ability to deliver impactful communication to business stakeholders. Combining this with product and engineering skills is not common, but still possible. So, keep searching for candidates matching both of these.  

3. Developing technical skills 

Working as an Aptitude Software consultant does not necessarily mean one can focus its development solely on Aptitude. During our presence on the market we’ve been observing the increasing trend of system customization in the market yet it is much more demanding than it used to be. In our daily job we have to combine expertise in various technical fields: database development, ETL processes, scripting languages and other, constantly changing, supporting technologies (build-automation tools, schedulers). Staying up to date with such a large stack requires one to be keen on technical novelties otherwise it becomes really hard to keep up with growing demands. 

4. Being a quick-learner

Consultants’ engagements can be started at various stages of Aptitude Software implementation projects (what can you expect from us at every stage of your project.). Therefore, it is highly important to be able to adapt quickly to evolving circumstances and to fit into an already performing team. That includes: becoming acquainted with solutions already in place, identifying and understanding established processes and planning your next steps from there.   

5. Being a self-starter 

One of the most significant difference you can notice between star consultants and average ones would be taking action – even without all necessary data and/or tools needed. As a partner responsible for delivering results, we are committed to effects, not half-measures, so we know that every endeavour requires initiative.  

6. Being able to approach problems in methodical way 

There are moments when a consultant needs to make an assessment of reality, considering the impact on the whole project eco-system – not only by looking at the individual task at hand. This requires a broader understanding of the problem and being able to identify the weaknesses and bottlenecks. With appropriate processes in place to assist with the estimates and researches, an ideal consultant can work its way through the complexity of even the most-complicated environments. 

During the design and scoping phase one of our consultants realized that the effort of transferring the processes would be simply too great to compensate balance out the gains from the application itself. As a result, the application development was stopped and we’ve focused on improving KPI’s other way. 

7. Clearly communicating status (and most important – the accurate one) 

One of the key values consultants bring to the project is an honest evaluation of its status. We believe that only fair and real information about the current state of the initiative is acceptable. We also believe that a bad status update is better than a good one, as long as it reflects the reality. Only through this kind of approach we can identify what issues are on the way thus increasing overall efficiency and allowing us to get the healthy project status.  

This is our consultant characteristics’ list. We are convinced that someone who checks all of the 7 boxes above will result in a solid addition to any implementation team. 

We are also curious to know if you can think of any other qualities that a good consultant should have? If yes, please do not hesitate to share with us. We appreciate your feedback as we’re committed to expanding skills and understanding expectations regarding Aptitude consultants these days.

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