At FIIT Consulting, we understand that each project comes with its unique complexities and challenges. We are committed to supporting you at every phase, employing our vast experience and best practices to navigate unexpected hurdles and deliver tangible outcomes. Here’s what you can anticipate from our partnership at different stages:

At FIIT Consulting, we initiate your project with a deep-dive into your existing business processes. Our team, with their expert knowledge of the finance industry, meticulously documents your workflows, identifies key challenges, and examines the architecture of your current landscape. This comprehensive business analysis ensures we understand your unique circumstances and can build a strong foundation for custom solutions that will genuinely make a difference.

With a clear picture of your business in hand, our consultants embark on a meticulous requirements gathering process. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs, and from this understanding, we design a high-level solution and architecture that aligns with your business objectives. By creating a logical data model and accurately scoping required environments, we ensure that your Aptitude Software solution will be a perfect fit for your business.

Our approach to implementation is iterative, delivering features and functionalities in bite-sized chunks that allow for continuous feedback and adaptation. Our team develops the physical data model and interface definitions, and prepares comprehensive technical and functional documentation. Additionally, we establish a continuous integration and deployment framework for smooth, efficient, and reliable delivery of your solution. The depth of our experience with Aptitude solutions guides us in following and recommending best practices, ensuring optimal project outcomes.

At FIIT Consulting, we understand that testing is an ongoing, critical part of the project lifecycle. Our team leverages its expertise to create a versatile testing framework that can be used throughout all project stages and iterations, including system testing, system integration testing, user acceptance testing, and regression testing

Regardless of your current testing structure, our commitment remains the same: to provide robust support tailored to your unique testing needs. Through guidance, shared best practices, and hands-on assistance, we ensure your testing processes are efficient and your Aptitude Software solution is reliably validated.

At FIIT Consulting, our support extends beyond project completion, ensuring your system’s resilience and adaptability for changing business landscapes. Whether your organization broadens its reach to new business units, introduces new product lines, or navigates through regulatory shifts and market trends, we’re here to facilitate these transitions.

With a focus on enhancing usability and maintaining technical relevance, we continually update your platform. Our commitment is to foster a dynamic solution that serves your immediate needs while also preparing for the future.

Unlocking the potential of the Aptitude Software portfolio

Unlock the full potential of your finance organization with FIIT Consulting. Our dedicated team offers a range of services, including strategic guidance, technology solutions, and ongoing support. Experience improved financial control, enhanced efficiency, and sustainable growth with our tailored approach

Aptitude Accounting Hub

The Aptitude Accounting Hub centralizes and automates enterprise finance, accounting & reporting while building a detailed financial data foundation. Offers multi-GAAP, multi-entity, multi-currency, double entry accounting sub-ledger. Integrates with SAP, Oracle, PSGL and all major General Ledgers.

Aptitude Fynapse

Aptitude Fynapse is a next-generation, automated finance management platform, leveraging cloud computing for improved performance and scalability. It enables finance teams to rapidly respond to market opportunities and compliance requirements with its code-free environment. Fynapse ensures trusted data and reduces total cost of ownership through its cloud-native structure and integrability with existing systems.

Aptitude Calculate

Aptitude Calculate is a stand-alone calculation and rules engine that fully supports automated allocations and calculations by entity, LOB, portfolio/cohort, contract or any other dimension required.

Aptitude Calculate provides the elements and processing power required for businesses across industries to define and generate allocations, calculations, and conversions. The solution supports the finance team in its functional and compliance data preparation and reporting requirements.

Aptitude IFRS17 Solution

Aptitude IFRS17 Solutions allows all insurers to comply with the IFRS 17 insurance standard accurately & efficiently. The product reduces cost and risk by leveraging proven accounting software, which exploits all IFRS 17 approaches including the Building Block Approach (BBA), Premium Allocation Approach (PAA) and the Variable Fee Approach (VFA).

FIIT Consulting is an Aptitude Software certified partner

Why work with us?

Adaptive and Timely Solutions at Your Disposal

Whether you need comprehensive end-to-end platform engineering & development or rapid delivery of innovative solutions, FIIT Consulting is your strategic partner. We recognize that the demands of your Finance IT programs can vary and evolve, and we’re equipped to meet these changes with agility and speed. Our commitment is to consistently exceed your end-users’ expectations, regardless of the timeline or complexity of the project. With FIIT Consulting, the best time is always now.

Collective Experience Amplifying Your Success

When you engage with FIIT Consulting, you are not just hiring individual consultants, you are gaining access to our collective wisdom. Our team’s 60+ years of combined experience is at your disposal, providing you with insights and solutions that go far beyond the scope of a single consultant. This collaborative approach ensures that your project benefits from our shared knowledge and experiences, contributing to your success.

Comprehensive Expertise Meeting Your Unique Needs

With a strong background in Aptitude Software and a blend of engineering and business acumen, our specialists are equipped to understand and address both your technical issues and business objectives. Our unique multidimensional expertise ensures that we can provide comprehensive, tailored solutions to your specific challenges, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in your operations.

Consistent Commitment to Your Success

Our in-house consultants are not just hired for a task, they are committed to your project from inception to completion. We ensure stability and dedication to your project’s success unlike what you may experience with freelancers or recruitment agencies. With FIIT Consulting, you gain a dependable team that’s consistently engaged and invested in your project until the final stage.

Other technologies we are using in our work


Oracle, MS SQL, Teradata, DB2, PostrgreSQL

Business Intelligence

Cognos, MS Power BI, SAP BO


Informatica, DataStage, SSIS

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Atlassian, MS Azure, AWS, Gradle, GitHub, Bamboo, Control-M, UC4