Navigating Financial Transformation: A Global Commercial Insurer’s Journey

Pioneering Insurance Solutions for a Global Market

Our client, a leading global commercial insurer, champions the fusion of traditional and bespoke insurance solutions. Their unique offerings empower corporations, both medium and large, across the globe.


The Ambition: Transforming Finance

In 2015, this insurer embarked on an ambitious journey – a finance transformation project of unprecedented proportions. The greenfield initiative was designed to cater specifically to the demands of the direct insurance model, with Aptitude Software selected as the technological backbone for the endeavour.

As the Director of Finance IT put it, “Embracing the finance transformation wasn’t a choice, it was a necessity. It was about stepping up to the plate to deliver better service, greater efficiency, and stronger results for our clients.”


Facing the Challenge: A Shortage of Expertise

After three years of requirement gathering, infrastructure development, and the successful pilot of the first solution, momentum began to wane. The Finance IT Director faced an all-too-familiar hurdle – a shortage of proficient and reliable Aptitude Software consultants capable of accelerating the implementation within budget constraints and aggressive timelines.


Revolutionizing with FIIT Consulting: A Dynamic Solution

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, FIIT Consulting, renowned for its exceptional talent pool and broad expertise, took command of the challenge.

FIIT Consulting promptly fortified its near-shore capabilities in Wroclaw, Poland, and onboarded new consultants. These additions brought exceptional technical proficiency, a culmination of 30 years of Aptitude implementation experience, and a strong functional understanding developed through constant engagement with key stakeholders over the program’s lifespan.

Marcin Zielak, Senior Consultant at FIIT Consulting, reflected on this growth, “We started as a team of three, and in two years, we’ve grown to fourteen. This growth is not just about numbers, it’s about the incredible human potential that we’ve been able to unleash.”


The FIIT Impact: From Agile Transformation to Industry Benchmark

FIIT’s proactive partnership with the Project Leader ensured that the project’s milestones were met consistently and guaranteed a robust pipeline of trained consultants. This foresight enabled the Finance IT team to develop a robust, cutting-edge solution encompassing seven Aptitude-powered applications.

However, FIIT’s role extended beyond mere implementation and support of these applications. They crafted durable solutions reinforced by a comprehensive Continuous Integration and Deployment Framework and Processes.

FIIT Consulting was also instrumental in the Agile transformation of the entire Finance IT organization, shaping its very core and charting a successful path for its future. The Agile Transformation Lead remarked, “Our successful Agile transformation is a testament to our team’s resilience and adaptability. We’ve not only changed our working model, but we’ve also altered the very fabric of our organizational culture, paving the way for a more collaborative and efficient future.”

In every aspect of the project – from requirement gathering to solution design, implementation, testing, and rollout – FIIT brought its passion and expertise to the fore. The result was a fully Agile Organization, following the SAFe model. FIIT’s influence in this Agile setup was evident in our consultants taking on roles as scrum-masters, chapter leads, and product owners, cementing their status as valued partners and critical contributors to the project’s success.

Reflecting on the journey, the Project Leader shared, “The transformation project wasn’t just a task; it was an opportunity. An opportunity we seized to elevate our financial efficiency and innovation to new heights, setting a benchmark in the industry.”

Olivier Homps, President of FIIT Consulting, echoed these sentiments, “Our engagement with our client on this finance transformation project has been a journey of mutual growth. We’ve learned, adapted, and achieved together, paving the way for a robust and resilient financial future.”

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