WE are FIIT Consulting

Our story

FIIT consulting was founded in 2018 in order to fill a market need for high quality Aptitude® technology contractors in the insurance and financial industries.

Only a few short years later, having grown significantly as a company, FIIT consulting is now one of the biggest independent knowledge centres for Aptitude® globally, and together with our hand-picked international network of specialist finance IT partners, we continue to offer the highest standards of full-service program management to our clients.

FIIT Consulting is a young company but one with a combined wealth of many years of experience in consultancy across the financial and insurance sectors. Olivier, Mateusz and Marcin, whilst being partner-owners of the company are also consulting partners and remain firmly integrated into the projects of all team members.

We are FIIT

Each FIIT consultant is an extremely well-rounded technical specialist with a clear and in-depth understanding of your business sector; our consultants excel at rapidly integrating into your business units and working with colleagues across functions to deliver the best result for our joint project.

Olivier Homps

President & Chairman of the board; Senior Technical Lead

Olivier’s Insurance & Financial Services industry experience has developed in Europe (UK, Switzerland, Poland) since 2010 with companies such as Microgen (Aptitude), HSBC and Swiss Re. As an experienced consultant with close to 20 years’ experience, Olivier has delivered projects addressing changing regulatory frameworks, greenfield transformation, and access to new markets. Olivier is a tenacious, dedicated professional who believes that users should be given central stage in tomorrow’s Finance Transformation Projects. As President of FIIT Consulting, and Chairman of the Board, Olivier is the primary liaison partner who will work with you to deliver the best solutions, ensuring your program’s continuing successes.

Olivier is Fearless, Impassioned, Inspiring, Trustworthy

Marcin Żmuda

Member of the board; Principal Consultant

Marcin graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology in Computer Science with Master Degree expertise in Database Management Systems. Marcin has 10 years of experience in Finance and Insurance IT on projects across Europe (Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands) and the US. As an experienced consultant Marcin quickly gains customers trust and engagement; his project ownership, high level of technical & functional insight and his proven delivery record makes Marcin an invaluable member of every team. Marcin is co-founder and a member of the Board of FIIT Consulting and is currently engaged as Principal Consultant and Scrum Master, directly involved in implementation and design of a Reserving Application.

Marcin is Fulfilled, Intuitive, Imaginative, Thoughtful

Mateusz Przewoźniak

Member of the board; Principal Consultant

Mateusz has 10 year of IT service experience, focusing on the financial and insurance industries in Europe and the US since 2014. With degrees from Poznan’s University of Technology and Wroclaw’s University of Economics Mateusz uses his professional experience to recognise the customer requirements on both functional and technical levels. A recognised and dedicated team player, Mateusz believes that his customers expectations and needs are of the highest priority, and as such always finds a way to reconcile customer’s needs with technical reality. His analytically-skilled and deadline-oriented approach ensures clear and timely output from his teams.

As a member of the board actively working for FIIT’s customers, Mateusz is currently a Technical Lead on an IFRS 17 Calculations implementation, personally assuring the quality and performance of the project.

Mateusz is Formidable, Incisive, Inventive, Trustworthy

FIIT consulting is one of the biggest independent knowledge centres for Aptitude® globally